Monday, 23 July 2012

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Welcome Blogging Word!!

Officially,this my first entry!My feeling about it?EXCIHAHAHATED!!!So...what should i talk first..hurmm..maybe about the reason why i created this blog,well to be honest its not really me who create it..haha...I am very thankful to a person,well its my others half to be exact because it is 90% of her effort that this blog was created!So to my other half,THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I love you with all my heart.Sh* is so hard to type with this "touchscreen"!Why do i need this blog?Well the main reason this blog exist is because i need a place to let out what i feel inside me,what happen around me,what i want,etc,blablabla....The other reason is because of her.Its not like i can't tell her directly what i feel, infact she can even read my mind!Well it is because she love to read.So i write..This blog is suppose to be dark,just like its layout.Infact me,the owner is also dark.You can see me at the layout there..dark...isnt it?